Journal of Computer Based Parallel Programming (e-ISSN: 2582-2179)

Journal of Computer Based Parallel Programming:- Is a print e-journal focused towards the rapid Publication of fundamental research papers on all areas of Parallel Programming.

This Journal involves the basic principles of writing parallel programs which can be compiled and executed.

  • Process Interaction: Shared Memory, Message Passing, Implicit
  • Problem Decomposition
  • Multicore Computing
  • Symmetric Multiprocessing
  • Distributed Computing
  • Cluster Computing
  • Massive Parallel Processing
  • Grid Computing
  • Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
  • Computing on Graphics Processing Units
  • Application-Specific Integrated Circuits
  • Vector Processors
  • Parallel Programming Languages
  • Automatic Parallelization
  • Application Check Pointing
  • Sparse Linear Algebra

This Journal involves the comprehensive coverage of all the aspects of Parallel Programming.