Strengthening of R.C.Column for Retrofitting and Rehabilitation by Using Ferrocement and Wiremesh

N. Karthika, N. Mohamed Azhar


The corrosion of concrete structures might be due to elderly, poor safeguarding, corrosion due to poor eco-friendly conditions and accidental situations like quakes. The need to upgrading the unsuccessful civil Engineering infrastructure greatly enhances with the ever growing demands. Therefore rehabilitating and retrofitting civil engineering infrastructure has been identified as important issue to be addressed. Ferrocement is a new material consisting of closely spaced wire meshes and cement mortar which is very effective in strengthening work. The simple idea is that it undergoes large strains in the neighborhood of the strengthening and the magnitude of straining depends on the distribution and sector of reinforcement throughout of concrete. In this paper the strengthening of reinforced concrete columns using ferrocement laminates are studied. In this study, the use of ferrocement as an outside detention to concrete samples is investigated. The usefulness of detention is achieved by comparing the behavior of retrofitted samples with that of conventional samples. The test results showed that the confined concrete specimens can enhance the ultimate concrete compressive strengths and failure strains. The strengthened columns have performed better in cracking behavior, reduction in deflection and increased in the ultimate load. In this book the parameters, which critically influence the moment carrying capacity of the ferrocement laminates is also identified and discussed.

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