Design And Implementation Of Non-Isolated Half Bridge DC-DC Bidirectional Converter Using Fuzzy Logic

M. S. Kulkarni, Namrata Nishikant Patil, Shivani Dhanaji Mane, Poonam Ramesh Mane, Ruchita Sanjay Patil, Pranali Suresh Bhosale


Increasing energy demand and environment constraint of fossil fuels renewable energy is encouraged. Considering increase in energy demand bidirectional converter is widely used. the study aims to design and implement a Half bridge non isolated bidirectional DC to DC converter using fuzzy logic. In the presence of dc mains the converter operates as buck converter and charges the battery. When the dc mains fail, the converter operates as boost converter and the battery feeds the load. In both the modes the power switches are controlled by PWM technique and the PWM pulses are generated by application of fuzzy logic controller. The proposed converter with controller is implemented and simulated in MATLAB and the design is validated.

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