Highway Bridge Monitoring Using Wireless Sensing Network

Shweta K. Mole, Seema S. Kumbhoje, Divya A. Tambe, Prajakta K. Kumbhoje, M. M. Babar


Day by day the use of various technologies increased tremendously in various applications such as food industry, textile industry, farming sectors and list goes on. The wireless sensor network with GSM is used in large geographical area become cost effective and possible. The wireless sensing network for bridge monitoring is the best example. The 14 people were died and 18 were missing in a horrible incident happened on 3rd march 2016 when bridge on the Savitri river has been collapsed. If the status of that bridge was monitored time to time then this horrible accident could be avoided. Hence, we have developed a system which will continuously monitor the status of the bridge.

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