Validation of Biosensor in detection of cancer and cancer cell characterization with spin electrons



A biosensor is one which is used in biotechnology field to detect pathogens. It contains a ligand and a transducer. A ligand is a biological element and a transducer is one which converts one form of energy to another form. The ligand which is   used in this   work is Glucose oxidase (GODx) enzyme to detect cancer at what stage it is. The   work is done in 2 parts, one is experimentation and the second one is simulation. The experimentation is done in DCCV method.  The biosensor which is used in my work is Amperometric biosensor. The output of amperometric biosensor is current which is order of milli amperes. The simulation part is carried over with MATLAB 18 software. The applied physics variables like viscosity, surface tension, thermal  Engg, dynamics and kinematics, interfacial coefficients, resonators etc  are used in detection of cancer. In this paper, the work has been   presented the validation techniques of working of biosensor which is amperometric in nature and one Nano Technology parameter which is spin that is notified for cancerous cells. In this paper the results that are shown are taken in ORIGIN 18 software for cancer patients in nano scale. Next the cancer cells characterization is shown with spin electrons which are up and down spins for normal living cells and NO spin for cancerous cells. This work is an insight of my research to determine the cancer present at what stage it is with the help of biosensor. Cancer is growing exponentially all over the world. This a burning problem today around the field of medicine, pharmacy and biotechnology. The research is ongoing around the globe to find a drug which can enable T cells to identify cancer cells immediately after their entry into human body.

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