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Protective Helmet Types with Materials and Methods of Construction

Dr. Nemailal Tarafder


Any motorcycle helmet is a type of helmet that is worn by the motorcycle riders and is at high risk in traffic crashes. Wearing helmet protects against cervical spine injury of the motorcycle rider. Motorcycle helmets are basically of five types. There are two main protective components in the conventional motorcycle helmets. Many countries have made compulsion for the motorcycle riders to wear helmet as per the laws of the respective countries. Throughout the world, most of the countries have their own standards to assess the effectiveness of quality of the helmets from the view point of safety. In conventional helmet, there are three basic components, namely the shell, a foam layer and the padding material. It is observed that modern helmets have not changed significantly since the introduction of Styrofoam impact absorption in 1960 for the construction of helmets. In any helmet, the liner is the most important part, the foam layer where the energy of the crash is managed. In the design construction, the most important consideration is the survival impact.

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