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Multiplexer with Shift Register as a Robot to Drive Different Digital Circuits

Mr. Ganesh Adhikari


The article presents a concept of designing a Robot circuit that becomes capable to handle and drive different digital circuits (HTL,TTL DTL and many more) efficiently, smoothly and successfully. The basic concept behind this design process includes “multiplexer interfaced with shift register acts as a robot to shift “input driving voltage signal” in different directions based on requirement within system. The multiplexer supporting efficient and more reliable selection processes of input with some additional features of “logical based selection criteria” and further that input uses by “shift register” to shift the selected input value to different digital circuit to ultimately turn the circuit to operate. The purpose of the system is to design and develop technique in making efficient logical based selection criteria with added features and further support to develop Robot that becomes capable to shift “input driving voltage” to different digital circuit and further to operate it successfully. Basic purposes and assumptions regarding the design and development of this system as well as a description of its operation have been presented.

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