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Application of immobilized rice husk charcoal (IRHC) as a reductant to reduce Cr (VI)

Dr. Md. Mahmudur Rahman


Rice husk charcoal (RHC) was a well-known adsorbent for the removal of heavy metal and other impurities from wastewater. But handling and maintaining RHC in filter operation is difficult due to floating, broken and handling problem. This study was carried out to immobilize RHC by mixing with clay to make suitable handling shape without changing its properties and it’s possibility as a reductant to reduce Cr (VI).  It was seen that immobilized rice husk charcoal (IRHC) was successfully reduced Cr (VI) concentration. The removal was dependent on pH, initial concentration and IRHC dosage. It also observed that at low pH and higher initial concentration and IRHC dosage had higher reduction capacity. These properties were similar to RHC reduction properties’, suggesting that the properties of RHC present in IRHC was not changed after immobilization.

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