Modern Car Safety System using PIC Microcontroller

Seema S. Patil, Shilpa S. Patil, Namita R. Kumbhar, Mohan Sonale


Intelligent car will provide very reliable and safe life to human. Safety is the most essential factor in automobile industry. One single move of driver can cause terrify accident. Percentage of the road accident is increasing day by day. Most   of the innocent people lost their life in the road accident so there have always been great needs of intelligent systems. Individual car can be equipped with feature of autonomy. There are many causes of the road accident like some technical error or human error but most of them are due to the human error. The human error can be avoided by using intelligent system in the vehicles can make the journey safer. Intelligent systems in the vehicles will help to secure the lives of people on the roads and to decrease the car accidents. The intelligent car system includes Automatic wiper movement control, Automatic cooling system, obstacle detection, as well as Vehicle tracking using GPS and GSM. Also this system includes heat to electricity conversion unit which helps to generate electricity from exhaust heat.

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