Fingerprint based Electronic Voting Machine

Poornima Kamble, Krishna Agawane, Jagdish Ingole, Prof. S.T. Sutar



The project proposes an innovative idea that aims to construct an electronic voting machine which is based on voter’s fingerprint. This project is designed for integrating Electronic Voting Machine with the data of the voter’s fingerprint. Using its unique bio-metric identification system to prevent and alert the authorities against fake voting and voting on behalf of absent voters during election and prevent rigging during election. Protecting the voting rights of the citizen using fingerprint the identity of the person who is voting and also to ensure that no single person can vote more than once and aborting and alerting the authorities if otherwise. In this manner the citizen’s trust in democracy is protected by ensuring a fair method for collection and counting of votes. Illegal voting by impersonation and multiple voting by the same person can be avoided. Also, money requirement and time consumption will get reduced added result can be seen once the voting process has finished.

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