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Design or representation tools: synthesized graphics images invade architecture

Meryam Harati, Ar. Mouna M’hammedi


Computing has become today a new tool for representing architectural projects. Indeed, in addition to being a representation tool, it is also a design tool that is shaking the whole process of creating spaces, which process gives a primary role to the image, and a primordial place to one of the five senses which is the view. These new means make an impact on all the technical phases of the architectural project for some years now, but this influence deepens even more today. Among the major concerns of this research is the ability to mention the risks of confusion that may exist between the design process being the creation activity followed by the representation activity via the computer image, especially for the Moroccan context. And above all, to know if through the multitude of types of images and realism we are not creating prototypes of architecture.Recently, there was a clear boundary between representations of the architectural project and that of the projects built. Either on drawing, or on the other hand photography. This gap between an idea and reality tends to be removed by computer technologies. Those who are called perspectivists or graphic designers create these images with a degree of realism until it becomes difficult to distinguish the existing building from its imagined image. To emphasize that the main objective of the research and its background will focus on the understanding of this product architectural representation phase through its representation via the computer image and how it can influence the architecture

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