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Mrinal G. Kashid, Prof.V. N. Tawde


“Art must take the lead in education because creative faculty is the birth right of man, a faculty which distinguishes him from the brute”

--Frank Lloyd Wright.

      Art has always played an important role in Architecture, in the built environment. Mankind’s desire to decorate their habitats is as old as the need for shelter. Art has a powerful effect on us in positive ways. A creative process is itself a source of joy for most people. Mere viewing of art results in feelings of pleasure. There are positive sensations when viewing an enjoyable, stirring work of art. In this age of technology and concrete jungle, art is of paramount importance. We try to balance our lives in trying to keep pace with the frenetic pace of life. A student who grows up with an artistic sensibility sees at the world from a different perspective.

    In this paper it is explained how the art plays important role in the life of mankind right from cave painting to modern arts. Art not only in galleries but wherever it is decorated or adorned it enhances the ambience there, either it is in context to it or not. Emphasis is given on the art at different famous places and how the common people can go closer to it.

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Future of architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright

The Kailas at Ellora-Roger Vogler

Speaking tree Times of India,5 Nov,2017

Mud Architecture in India

NDTV- News

Le Corbusier-1918-1960.

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