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Brick Manufacturing by using bagasse ash

Razvi Syed Sumair, Shubhada Sunil Koranne


Utilization of commercial and agricultural waste products within the company has been the focal point of research for environmental, cheaper and technical reasons. Sugar-cane bagasse is a fibrous waste-crafted from the sugar refining industry, together with ethanol vapor. This waste-product is already causing extreme environmental pollutants which requires pressing methods of handling the waste.It is used to burn in boiler to produce steam in different industries, gives the bagasse ash as a waste product. Bagasse ash forces a great disposal problem besides causing atmospheric pollution due to is being easily air borne, which is a great nuisance for people. Therefore a good deal of work and applications on the utilization of bagasse ash has been undertaken world over. Bagasse ash is a resource material which should be utilized. The past few years have witnessed a significant growth in technological level with respect to bagasse ash disposal and utilization in the country. There are so many sugar factories in Marathwada region due to which availability of bagasse ash is more, so in this paper utilization of bagasse ash for brick manufacturing is done with required tests. Comparison of Bagasse ash brick with the clay brick is more than satisfactory, which can save the soil.

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