Design and Analysis of Gravity Roller Conveyor System for Moped Engine Assembly Line

Kemparaju H R., Prasanta Kumar Samal, Dushyanth Kumar M V


In the manufacturing industry, raw materials need to be transported from one manufacturing stage to another. Material coping with system’s are designed such that they facilitate clean, speedy and secure loading and unloading. For instance roller conveyor machine can be hired for clean and secure coping with of materials. The goal of the venture is to design a gravity roller conveyor device in moped engine meeting line of vehicles Production Company. The existing conveyor system was studied thoroughly and its drawbacks were analyzed. Gravity roller conveyor system is designed to minimize the overall cycle time of the process and make the process to complete in one single stroke. Each and every components of the conveyor system is designed considering their functionality. Detailed drawing is also prepared using solid works. Geometrical model of each components including assembly of the same were generated in solid works. Linear static analysis, contact stress analysis, model analysis and life estimation and life estimation were carried out in ANSYS with proper loading and boundary condition.

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