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Intelligent Note to Coin Exchanger with Fake Note Detection

Seema S. Patil, Shilpa S. Patil, Sushant S. Patil


Nowadays, people are doing transaction digitally, but still in some rural areas people are using hard cash for transaction .Use of coins has been increased more instead of note in various places like bus station, railway station, shopping malls, temples, coin based water system etc. It is very difficult for common people in getting coins. To provide the solution for above mentioned problem, a system is designed. One mechanical machine that is intelligent note to coin exchanger with fake note detection. In proposed system, where when user enters the note, first it will check whether entered note is real or fake using UV rays, if note is real then it will take inside for further process and camera will take its picture, by calculating number of pixels using image processing; it will calculate the value of note, then according to the value equivalent numbers of coins will be dispensed. In this way, this system will help common people to have easy day to day life.

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