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Information of Bug: Cohesive Bug Recording Tool for Network Management System (NMS) Serviceability

Sasikumar Gurumoorthy


A system administration framework (NMS) is an arrangement of equipment and/or programming instruments that permit an IT expert to administer the individual segments of a system additionally called as system components inside a bigger system administration framework. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista™ 8770 Network Management System (NMS) gives overseers a bound together perspective of the Open Touch (OT), Omni PCX (OXE), VHE, VLE and OTC-PC communication system. It highlights brought together administration, mass operations, propelled continuous execution observing, straightforwardness, and versatility, and sticks to the crucial system administration elements of the FCAPS model (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security). As NMS manages hundreds of users and devices simultaneously and deals with real time communication data, correct and effective bug reporting has to be its essential part. At present, IBM’s Rational Clear Quest tool is used as Bug Tracking System. Using this system, the bug reporting process is time consuming since the information sent by tester when bug is produced first time to the development teams is not always sufficient to fix the bug. Hence, the bug information gathering time (bug reporting latency) is increased before the bug gets fixed. Report a Bug is a single GUI based application for a variety of Enterprise Products mentioned above. It aims at minimizing the bug reporting latency by automating the information gathering and reporting process. It also simplifies the bug fixing procedure by providing additional information to the developer viz. Screen snapshot, Screen Video, Underlying Platform counters, etc.

Some of the features that this tool shall provide are:

  • Connection to various supported Enterprise products (SSH, telnet, HTTP).
  • Log Collection (FTP, SFTP).
  • Screen Capture.
  • Screen Video Logging.
  • Performance Counters (only for Windows Platform).

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