Camlens – an Innovative Android Phone Application to Empower the Blind and Visually Impaired in Reading any Kind of Printed Text in Real-Time using Opencv, Optical Character Recognition and Text-To-Speech

Mr. Sahil Sachdeva, Ms. Akshita Sachdeva, Ms. Akshita Sachdeva, Mr. Yash Bakshi, Mr. Yash Bakshi, Prof. Manoj Kumar, Prof. Manoj Kumar


CamLens is an innovative mobile phone application with the vision to empower the blind and visually impaired people in reading any kind of printed text. CamLens intelligently scans the frame inside the camera view to automatically select the exact edges of the document containing the text in real-time; crop the file from the four selected edges and alternate the perspective transformation of the cropped photographto obtain an image containing the scanned document. The application then applies Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and (TTS) conversion to extract the text from the image and to convert the extracted text into audio output respectively which may be listened by the blind and visually impaired person the usage of earphones.The genesis of the research comes from the fact that the three edges of a page of the book are easier to find with lesser possibilities of finding the fourth edge precisely which, in turn, hampers the cropping accuracy as well as the OCR and TTS output.

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