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Digital India: Race to Future

Sushmita Saini, Sakshi Singh, Shrish Bajpai


Digital India is innovative, inspiring thought for digital literacy. In the race to the future, information to newer technologies will help to survive and prosper. Technical edge is important to cope with the world. This paper deals with the program ‘Digital India’. The world we live in is full of technology and innovations. The main aim is to provide the best future to every citizen. In coming years India will transform into a digital world provided with e-services. To empower society in a better manner every country needs to be digitized. This initiative was launched by the Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi is initiated to make India digital. With this program services will be provided digitally. The education system will also be digital. Successful implementation of this will boost the economy by providing more skilled and informed population. The topics that will be covered in this paper will be a brief introduction about Digital India, visions, scope, the nine pillars of the programme, new happenings in it followed by the conclusion.

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