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Performance Analysis of Different Current Control strategies for Grid Tied Three Phase Voltage Source Inverter

D. Kalyanraj, M. Vignesh, N.Syed anwar, S.Somesh Aravindan


This paper deals with the comparative performance analysis of different current control strategies  for grid connected three phase voltage source inverters (VSI). The different strategies considered were conventional Hysteresis current controller, Ramp comparison controller and User Defined Constant Switching frequency (UDCS) controller. Limitations and advantages of each control strategy have been discussed. The different control strategies have been simulated using Matlab Simulink 8.1. Based on the simulation results comparative performance analysis has been carried out in terms of Dynamic response, Reference tracking capability and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). Phase Plane Trajectory of different strategies has been simulated in order to validate the performance of each control strategy under non-linear disturbance conditions.      


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