Sliding wear behavior of Ti6Al4V implant alloy in the Simulated body Environment

M.Raja Roy, N. Ramanaiah, B. S.K. Sundara Siva Rao


Titanium alloys are widely used in medical applications due to their bio compatibility. Life of the implant material depends upon its wear resistance. Implants are generally placed inside the human body; Hence wear behavior was studied in the simulated body environment using Hank’s solution. Wear tests were conducted using Pin on disc wear testing machine with ASTM G-99 standard specimens. In this study, the effect of load, speed and distance on the wear behavior were experimentally investigated. Design of experiments for conducting to wear test was determined by Taguchi experimental design method. Orthogonal arrays of Taguchi, signal-to-noise ratio and analysis of variance are employed to find the optimum parameters to minimizing the wear using MINITAB-17 software. The results showed that load is the most important parameter influencing the wear. The predicted values and experimentally measured values are good in agreement and were confirmed by validating experiments.

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