Solar Panel Ambient Characteristics Wireless Monitoring From Any Remote Location

Souvanik Bandyopadhyay, Prof. MPS Chawla


To improve the efficiency of solar panel, it is very important to get more information about the Solar panel performance, tracking and maintenance. In this paper, an effort has been made to see how solar panel characteristics can be monitored from any remote location. This paper presents how data monitoring is done by the Arduino-UNO, which is an open source hardware and software platform as well as it is a single board Microcontroller. A SIM 900 GSM modules is used for real time data transmission. The project carried out, has one sending end and another one receiving end. This system monitors the Ambient Panel Temperature, Humidity, Panel Current and voltage, Light intensity, Power and then calculates the Panel Efficiency by using all these parameters. At the receiving end, GSM module receives the sensor data and stores it into an Excel sheet through the PLX-DAQ (Parallel Data Acquisition Tool Box) software via Arduino to store the data in MySQL database. The stored data will be reflected on the Web Page. SIM 900 GSM module will also give text messages about the readings of the Panel parameters or the Web page is accessed to see the Solar Panel data at any remote location in any instant of time.

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