Design and Analysis of Turbocharger Impeller in Diesel Engine

D. Ramesh Kumar, B. Shanmugasundaram, P. Mohanraj


The main goal of this research is to be design the turbine and compressor impeller of a turbocharger for a diesel engine. It is to increase power and efficiency of a turbocharger. It is to usage of new material is required for an investigation. The existing work turbine and compressor impeller has been designed with different materials. The investigation has been done by using ANSYS and CATIA software. The turbine and compressor impeller modeling has been done by using CATIA software. The variation of stresses, strains and deformation profile of the turbine and compressor impeller has been determined by using ANSYS software. The identifying the accurate or exactdesign features, the extended service life and long term stability has been assured. A structural analysis is used to investigate the stresses, strains and displacements of the turbine and compressor impeller. A modal analysis is used to investigate the frequency and deflection of the turbine and compressor impeller. A thermal analysis is used to investigate the total heat flux and direction heat flux. The turbine and compressor impeller of a turbocharger will be recommend based on the better material results.

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