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An Investigative Examination on Optimum Capacity Utilization of a Solar Pump meant for Conjugate and Alternative Applications

S A Mohan Krishna, Anil Kumar Nadiger, C P Karan Somaiah, Somanna C K, Somanna K K, Varun C


The farmers of India acquire Rs 92,651 crore per year in post-harvest fatalities, the prime reasons of which are pitiable stowage and conveyance conveniences. Since market is the primary stock for farmers to interchange their harvest for money, lack of logistics connectivity to guarantee that their fruitage stretches market in time, resulting in sinking the farmer’s capability to monetise their produce. This becomes even more critical in case of perishable fruits and vegetables. Farmers are provided with solar pumps from the government at subsidized price. The capacity of the solar pump is generally 5 to 10 kW. Its energy generated is not fully utilized, due to various reasons. This unused energy from this solar panel can be used for various other purposes. A cold storage system can be designed, which can be used by the farmers to store their produce. Unused energy can be used to charge the batteries, which can be used for other Agricultural activities or for charging e vehicle for farmers use. In this paper, a review has been accomplished extensively. Based on the review, in the proposed work, experimentation, testing and analysis shall be carried out. The main objective is to boost the profits of the farmers by reducing their losses incurred due to storage and transportation systems, and thereby boosting the economy of the country. Also, to design and fabricate a cold storage/refrigeration system and a control unit for the effective energy utilization which runs on unutilized solar energy generated in a solar water pump.

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