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Characterization of Fusion bonded Epoxy coatings on Stainless steel-316

K.S. Seetharama, Vijayakumar Patil, Narasimhe Gowda, R. Keshavamurthy


Metallic alloys in general are prone to corrosive nature owing to their widespread utility in solar storage tank sectors. The need to bring about a reduction in the level of toxicity, hazardous pollutants and induce enhanced anticorrosive and protective nature in the alloy is of paramount importance and can be achieved by surface coating. The objective of this study is to develop a protective coating of epoxy on Stainless Steel by spray technique. The modified surface is characterized by SEM/EDAX study. The substrate is further analyzed for determining the bond strength and scratch resistance properties. The strong interfacial bonding between the coating and the substrate is a measure of the bond strength and the scratch resistance helps to improve the surface characteristics in terms of reducing the stress concentration and thereby the fatigue life of the product will be enhanced. The corrosion behavior nature of the epoxy coating is determined using the Salt-Spray technique. The study revealed that epoxy coating possesses good bondability with stainless steel, better scratch resistance, and exhibits superior anti-corrosive property compared to the substrate.

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