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Comparison of Original Disc Brake Rotor with Holes Drilled Rotor Design for the Same Vehicle

Baljeet Singh, Amit Kumar


Brakes in any automobile serve the most important function, stopping the automobile quickly and within a short distance. The disc brake is one of the types of Braking system. In this type, a disc rotor is connected with the wheel. A caliper assembly that houses the brake pads (friction material used in the disc brake system), is connected with a gap left between pads and rotor,  master cylinder, and some other supporting components are used. The piston in the disc brake assembly of motor vehicles is mostly actuated hydraulically, i.e. a brake fluid is used.  In this work, thermal analysis of the disc brake of the given test vehicle is done for its original design and original material, and a perforated design of the same rotor when both these designs are subjected to thermal loads. A comparison will be done based on the probe test of the surfaces of the rotors. The design of the rotors and thermal simulation will be done on Solidworks software. The comparison will tell whether the holes drilled type design will result in a temperature difference in this case or not.

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