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Study and Analytical Work Analysis on Aerodynamic Investigation of Flow Field over Airfoil in Subsonic Wind Tunnel

Kushagra Pandey, Amit Agrawal


Aerodynamic analysis of a low Reynolds number airfoil is critical for numerous applications in the fields of aerodynamics and aeronautics, both basic and industrial. In a subsonic wind tunnel, an experimental evaluation was conducted over a symmetrical airfoil NACA 0014. The studies on the airfoil were carried out in an open circuit, suction-type subsonic wind tunnel. Because Reynolds number and angle of attack are two critical parameters in the performance of an airfoil, all experiments were carried out on an airfoil with the angle of attack varied at four different Reynolds numbers. The angle of attack and Reynolds number were adjusted from m 00 to 180 with 30 steps and 1.49x105 to 2.98x105 respectively. In this experimental investigation, the pressure distributions over the bottom and top surfaces of the airfoil were acquired, as well as the coefficients of lift and drag. At high Reynolds numbers, maximum coefficients of lift and drag of 1.53 and 0.18 respectively are attained. The stall condition was virtually achieved at a 150-160 angle of attack.

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