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Aerodynamic Effect Of Rear Wing On An F1 Race Car Using CFD

Srinivas Supreeth S, Mahesh Kumar N, Riyaz S, Chethan S kishore, Rahul Shetkar


In this paper numerical investigation was carried for a rear wing of F1 race car used in circuit racing. Validation was done on NACA 2412 airfoil. Later, the inversion of this airfoil NACA 2412 is taken to study the downforce created by it, single element wing and multi element wing airfoil were designed and simulated to find optimal angle of attack for which maximum lift co-efficient is obtained. 3D simplified car model consisting of rear wing along with single flap and double inverted wing was simulated to check for the drag reduction at the wheel portion. The simulation was carried out using a commercial CFD code ANSYS-Fluent-15.

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