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Separator For Cleaning Of Fuel Fluid From Contamination Or Microbial In Conditions Of Microgravity

Michael Shoikhedbrod


The paper presents the developed separator for cleaning fluid fuel from contaminants and microorganisms using the above of the surface of fluid air in a tank with fluid fuel. The above of the surface of fluid air in a tank with fluid fuel under conditions of decreasing gravitational acceleration, turns into an air bubble and, due to its released surface energy, moves from the upper position to the bottom of the tank, fixing microparticles of contaminant or cells of microorganisms, contained in a fluid, on its surface. The air bubble reaching the bottom of the tank reflects from it and begins to move in the opposite direction, upon reaching of the top of the tank, it is separated from the total volume of fluid fuel in the tank by a flap. Strong fixation of microparticles of contaminants and cells of microorganisms on the moving bubble is due to the multiple increase of the role of the surface tension force under these conditions. The developed separator permitted to clean microparticles of contaminants and microorganisms from fluid in conditions of microgravity simply and highly effective.

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